Why Horse Semen Is The World’s Most Expensive Liquid | So Expensive

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Depending on the stallion, horse semen is one of the most expensive liquids on the planet. A gallon of gold-medal-winning Big Star's semen is worth $4.7 million. But that's nowhere near the most expensive! Once it's collected, horse semen can be sold in small tubes called straws, each containing 150 million to 200 million sperm cells. These straws can sell for thousands of dollars. In the horse-breeding world, genetics is king. Wealthy investors are willing to pay high prices for a proven winner's semen, hoping that the resulting foal provides a large return on investment. But even though most stud farms offer guarantees on producing a live foal, commercial and competitive success is still a gamble, even with strong genetics.
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Why Horse Semen Is The World’s Most Expensive Liquid | So Expensive
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andyboi 1231
andyboi 1231 - 4 timer siden
Man, I get off work in 30 minutes and this is the first I'm watching
Jonathan Vega
Jonathan Vega - 9 timer siden
My neck got a really sus fealing
Cindy Florencio
Cindy Florencio - 14 timer siden
Still animal cruelty
METAL CLAW - 15 timer siden
Lol I knew it, it was all about the sperms.
PeePeePooPoo - 18 timer siden
Efe Tan YILDIZ - 21 time siden
This is so inhumane stealing sperms for breeding
Marco Darian
Marco Darian - 21 time siden
Eating while watching this video is not a wise choice
joseph joestar
joseph joestar - Dag siden
I want to see rock star games make a gta5online hiest were he steal 4.5 million dollars worth of horses cum.
Krim Van Astrea
Krim Van Astrea - Dag siden
*Takes sip*
Tarek Jamel
Tarek Jamel - Dag siden
"The stallion can ejaculate once a day" me: pathetic
Yolo Swaggins
Yolo Swaggins - Dag siden
*worth it.*
World's cheapest liquid vs worlds most expensive liquid.
Jomppi the epic gamer
Jomppi the epic gamer - Dag siden
"totally worth it"
pluton master
pluton master - Dag siden
Ferb i know what where gonna do today
Azrael - Dag siden
When they started doing sperm math, I said "oh okay, so we're really doing this, alright."
vxoney - Dag siden
the more important question is why is this in my recommendations
t3n9 - Dag siden
If human semen is worth 1% of this, I'll be a tycoon at the rate I'm going
xXMananicboy36 Gaming
xXMananicboy36 Gaming - 2 dager siden
Now I would rather help my uncle jack off a horse instead of helping my uncle Jack off a horse.
Sam Green
Sam Green - 2 dager siden
what do you do for a living?
Oh, I just analyze, protect, extract, and freeze horse semen
ribbon snake
ribbon snake - 2 dager siden
It tasted good
Eggz - 2 dager siden
man why
Blue Enderman
Blue Enderman - 2 dager siden
0:19 4 men with a horse
T K - 2 dager siden
Imagine if the same has to be done to successful people.
NEON FIGHTERS - 2 dager siden
Me: collect people for a heist.
People: what are we going to steal
Me: horse semen
Drav Itsuki
Drav Itsuki - 2 dager siden
Idk why i think because i watched&read too many doujins, and hentai. Right now i think dirty things an anime girl get fucked by horse 😂. Omg my god pls forgive my sins 🙏
Rauhan Shaik
Rauhan Shaik - 2 dager siden
Did I just hear ‘VIKKSTAR’??? lmaooo 2:08
Kira Domzalski
Kira Domzalski - 2 dager siden
why am I up at 2 am watching this🙂
Supercar Spotters
Supercar Spotters - 3 dager siden
*Drink up*
lNOMAK - 3 dager siden
horse pocketpussy lmao
Rachael Brinegar
Rachael Brinegar - 3 dager siden
Omg I got an ad for Siemens before this video I'm dying
zev berko
zev berko - 3 dager siden
dont rob a bank, put on a white suit, act like you work there, take a bunch of straws, sell them, be rich
Father - 3 dager siden
horse coom
Masabil Arraya
Masabil Arraya - 3 dager siden
Why not clone him? And then extract the milk again for some other 10 years. Starting now, gallileo son would be extractable for the next 5 uears i think
sarah - 3 dager siden
I m bad at english
Whats semen?

*watches video and hears sperm and genetic*

Nvm no need to tell me
No Name
No Name - 3 dager siden
Robbery member: what are we gonna rob bos
Robbery boss: Were gonna stole horses semen
Dan Animations
Dan Animations - 3 dager siden
I still don’t know why people buy this for so much money and I don’t know why people even buy it
Chase - 4 dager siden
I blew a load of money.
Flumper -
Flumper - - 4 dager siden
Why am I here
Zerstery - 4 dager siden
Why is this on my recommended list
Exalted Finalist
Exalted Finalist - 4 dager siden
This is like some weird hentai plot.
Jason Wang
Jason Wang - 4 dager siden
Imagine spending thousands to buy that sperm and using it on the female horse just to find out they're siblings...
Jason Wang
Jason Wang - 4 dager siden
"This milk tastes funny"
Tom Ka
Tom Ka - 4 dager siden
lmao why yt recommended me a video of horses cum price
Nameless Stranger
Nameless Stranger - 4 dager siden
Forbidden milk.
Llama Del Fid
Llama Del Fid - 4 dager siden
Does anyone remember Mr.Hands? RIP.
Yeet Boi
Yeet Boi - 4 dager siden
3:42 horse Fleshlights
Yeet Boi
Yeet Boi - 4 dager siden
Gives a whole new meaning to helping my uncle "jack" off the horses
Bongo Buns
Bongo Buns - 4 dager siden
this guy I think
this guy I think - 4 dager siden
Imagine pablo escobar made money this way
Conrado Arce Jr
Conrado Arce Jr - 4 dager siden
*well this video messed up my weekend. Thank you*
Pravda víťazí
Pravda víťazí - 4 dager siden
Yt don't recommend this to cardi B
Emmanuel - 5 dager siden
Horse seamen: “I’m the most expensive liquid in the world”. Completely ignores the fact that a gallon of scorpion venom sells for tens or millions of dollars. I just googled it, 40 million.
DogerSwag - 5 dager siden
eatbread22 - 5 dager siden
Looks like I’m buying a horse now.
Kaila Recio
Kaila Recio - 5 dager siden
Garlic Bread
Garlic Bread - 5 dager siden
Man if they do it in November tho
Mediocre Voiceover
Mediocre Voiceover - 5 dager siden
"How do you make so much money"
"Oh I'm a designated horse masturbator"
Ndumiso Magubane
Ndumiso Magubane - 5 dager siden
😂🤣🤣 economics is a very funny thing
A L E X - 5 dager siden
If human sperm were so expensive

I would be a trillionaire
Mayeline Santana
Mayeline Santana - 6 dager siden
40 seconds in. I am disturbed.
Aiko Oyane
Aiko Oyane - 6 dager siden
Atlanta JAZZ
Atlanta JAZZ - 6 dager siden
Every body listen to me spam me.beasts comments to drink the worlds most expensive liquid
ShayaanPlaysWeirdGames - 6 dager siden
In the olden days poor people had horses and in this era of time only the richest people has a horse now.
Wow life is actually a rollercoaster
Rakshann Tadimmalla
Rakshann Tadimmalla - 6 dager siden
This is the first time I saw horse masturbation
Corsair - 7 dager siden
Payday 2 Heist: Cum money
Nikolai Dmitriev
Nikolai Dmitriev - 7 dager siden
Butters goo
Cole Black
Cole Black - 7 dager siden
What’s the address 😏
Hawa Tzoo
Hawa Tzoo - 7 dager siden
Before watching this video, I thought some people is going to eat it
Simran Begum
Simran Begum - 7 dager siden
Isn't it animal abuse?
Łukasz Sobczyk
Łukasz Sobczyk - 7 dager siden
Ben Schumacher
Ben Schumacher - 7 dager siden
And whats your Job? I jerk of horses
dogggobee 69
dogggobee 69 - 8 dager siden
hoarse semen wow you really ran out of ideas
lemon frogs
lemon frogs - 8 dager siden
sometimes i really hate it here
adenrock sio
adenrock sio - 8 dager siden
0:35 we fool the horse again guys hahaha
diksha malhotra
diksha malhotra - 8 dager siden
This is what Usain Bolt drinks
Becky Nosferatu
Becky Nosferatu - 8 dager siden
I never thought I needed to watch four grown men in tiny little outfits give a horse sex equipment. Thanks, Youtube.
Hein Htet San
Hein Htet San - 8 dager siden
i hope i was a horse like in this video...!!!! :0
TechnoCat Animations
TechnoCat Animations - 9 dager siden
I’m sorry what 😀
purple mayonaise
purple mayonaise - 9 dager siden
the fact that people are buying this is weird _ (no I didn't watch the video yet maybe it's not as weird??)
Yung Xeelee
Yung Xeelee - 9 dager siden
Ah yes
The cum chalice
リズミカルルーク aka Rhythmic Luke
So horses get free ona holes
Happy - 9 dager siden
Min Myat
Min Myat - 9 dager siden
I see
Thats why the guys in hentai make the horse fck the girl
Kostubh Bakhshi
Kostubh Bakhshi - 10 dager siden
I CAN'T BELIEVE MYSELF.................. I'M WATCHING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kono Dio Da
Kono Dio Da - 10 dager siden
So your telling me if i breed a perfect horse and jack him off i can get 100k damn
smol buns
smol buns - 10 dager siden
Wait, so you're telling me that it wasn't milk?
Daran Voss
Daran Voss - 11 dager siden
Bradley Martin makes so much cuz of this
Dinard H
Dinard H - 11 dager siden
Completely false statement. Not the most expensive in the world
•Leah The Husky•
•Leah The Husky• - 11 dager siden
i don't need sleep i need explanations
gunga gina
gunga gina - 11 dager siden
Bald Britney Spears
Bald Britney Spears - 11 dager siden
Why am I watching this? I was drinking milk 😭😭
David Zelaya
David Zelaya - 11 dager siden
0 : 21
Pulaha Gangopadhyay
Pulaha Gangopadhyay - 11 dager siden
Think about that man's child on career day . My dad ma****es horses
Lor Ish weird -w-
Lor Ish weird -w- - 12 dager siden
Tf is semen..
Riddle _C4G
Riddle _C4G - 12 dager siden
Scorpion venom is the most expensive liquid but nice try anyways 😄
Riddle _C4G
Riddle _C4G - 12 dager siden
39 million $ per gallon
Joey DR14
Joey DR14 - 12 dager siden
I wish mine was worth anything
Non-binary Potato
Non-binary Potato - 12 dager siden
ホフマン日向 - 12 dager siden
They're gonna be worth alot more during no-nut november
paigey waigy
paigey waigy - 12 dager siden
Ok on a unrelated note where can I get a horse preferably male
Magikal Hobo
Magikal Hobo - 13 dager siden
Daniel Banuelos
Daniel Banuelos - 13 dager siden
I heard of crack heads stealing catalytic converters....but I wounder if they heard of horse cum.