Why Icelandic Sea Salt Is So Expensive | So Expensive

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Hand-harvested Icelandic sea salt could cost you more than 30 times the price of table salt. Housed in one of the most remote and coldest locations in the country, Saltverk salt factory produces 10 metric tons of salt each year. But there’s one other thing that’s unique about the way it’s processed: Everything is powered entirely by geothermal energy. Unlike processed rock salt, the sea minerals remain in the crystals - but these are only a tiny percentage of the final product. The final result is very minimally processed, flaky sea salt from clear Icelandic waters.
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Why Icelandic Sea Salt Is So Expensive | So Expensive
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joao paulo andrade
joao paulo andrade - 42 minutter siden
So, there's no reason for cost more besides the fact it is harder to produce in iceland.
Edgar_Redilosa - 3 timer siden
legend says that was a cocaine factory
Jbatz Punk
Jbatz Punk - 6 timer siden
Ice land sea salt vs agar wood
Yikez Kappa
Yikez Kappa - 14 timer siden
So this is where the All Blue is located 🤔
Kor Samnang
Kor Samnang - 17 timer siden
Himalayas salt is better
Erikas Savickas
Erikas Savickas - 20 timer siden
Answer is, its not India, neither Pakistan neither Africa.... with that said, there is no cheep labour used.. simple!
Maria Ooia
Maria Ooia - 20 timer siden
Idk why i love these kinds of videos
chris natasya teresa
chris natasya teresa - 22 timer siden
hope they can use jar or something for the package
I’m your local used car salesman, so
For those of you who are salt connoisseurs: do you just eat straight up salt to notice a difference? Or do you add so much salt to your food you actually taste a difference?
3fxz - Dag siden
you could not pay me enough to drink from that pool
mpa324 - Dag siden
So it's expensive because it's labor intensive? Any special difference in tatse to regular table salt?
Van Courtesy
Van Courtesy - Dag siden
So basicly you just told me its overpriced because they are far away for transport and zero emotions. So does the salt taste different from salt?
Skullies !
Skullies ! - Dag siden
hah! i get my salt for free playing Overwatch
ray the person
ray the person - Dag siden
Antonio Bennett
Antonio Bennett - Dag siden
Why was salt so expensive in the old day
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia - Dag siden
I guess the competition is salty about them
Yonko Shanks
Yonko Shanks - Dag siden
It's actually cocaine
Dylan Deleon
Dylan Deleon - Dag siden
I’m High asf and just decided to watch this for no reason 🤣🤣😩
Max Gerull
Max Gerull - Dag siden
And why is this Sea Salt so expensive? Because ppl buy everything that claims to be special.
Liso Campos
Liso Campos - 2 dager siden
Back then, people were paid in salt. A "salary".
JojiniChazz - 2 dager siden
this salt makes you see god
берандал локаджая
Almost all if not all salt production in SE Asia is made by hand and heat from millions nuclear explosion called the sun. The only machine the salt farmer use is a water pump to pump sea water to a flat land from the canal. Even sometime they use manual pump. So why their salt is very cheap?
winterkill1764 - 2 dager siden
Oh man, they could marry or have kids?
They must have been pretty salty about that
bangchantine - 2 dager siden
Iceland is *EXPENSIIIVE*
Bryan Francis
Bryan Francis - 2 dager siden
Do the trucks and boats that ship the salt also run with a zero carbon footprint?
10,000 subcribers with no videos challenge
Because it was gotten from a specific place
100% chance thats always the reason of expensive shit
DreyDrey 69
DreyDrey 69 - 2 dager siden
Hmm, maybe this is a whale's spern
John Wilk
John Wilk - 2 dager siden
If your feeling bad, I just watched a 4 minute video about salt
plomien6 - 2 dager siden
I have running nose i dream to be there for one minite to clean my nose
Aden Jennings
Aden Jennings - 3 dager siden
Ohhh I didn't know you were supposed to make salt... wrong Crystal
Jordan - 3 dager siden
Then you have the one Japanese guy who carries buckets of water from the ocean on his shoulders to make salt. Because level Asian.
Jaden Jolly
Jaden Jolly - 3 dager siden
Plot twist going in the undercover cocaine factory in Iceland
RogueRenegade - 3 dager siden
I bet you it taste salty
Veldot - 3 dager siden
How much money they make foo
Yeet Boi
Yeet Boi - 4 dager siden
imagine you are just selling Icelandic salt and get stopped by the police
YFS WORLD - 4 dager siden
That’s yayo
Sal Altieri
Sal Altieri - 4 dager siden
Thats not Iceland....and that isn't SALT 😂
Omeke Joy
Omeke Joy - 4 dager siden
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Mithil Modi
Mithil Modi - 4 dager siden
Salt has been an important part in Icelandic cuisine
Mr Mumu
Mr Mumu - 5 dager siden
Im from iceland