Why Real Saffron Is So Expensive | So Expensive

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Even in the expensive world of spices, saffron stands out. Real saffron can cost you over $10,000 per kilogram. No machine can do the delicate work required to harvest these thin threads. It can take 40 hours of hard manual labor to produce just 1 kilogram of high-quality saffron.
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Why Real Saffron Is So Expensive | So Expensive
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Omeke Joy
Omeke Joy - Dag siden
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TELUGU TV - 4 dager siden
Watching this for the first time ❤️saffron
Kevin Herman
Kevin Herman - 7 dager siden
I'm one of the many billions of people that have yet to, not just taste saffron, but to experience it, as well.
With how rapidly climate conditions are heating up, I may very well never, lest I be sold into slavery for one taste of authentic saffron.
I feel bad for y'all that make this stuff, yet your production is diminishing, on account of the declension on your harvest yields. However, humans are resilient; if there is another alternative, we will find it.
Gandalf - 8 dager siden
And then you have the orange president who claimes climate change as fake Smh
aisha daisuki
aisha daisuki - 9 dager siden
so how does someone buy the real kashmiri saffron? and not some nasty dyed horse hair
Stephanie Huesler
Stephanie Huesler - 10 dager siden
If a product is label "saffran", it is usually "fake" - meaning it's come from a flower that has far more stamen, so the harvest is a higher yield per flower, ergo less expensive.
M D - 11 dager siden
Shit, we should just grow this in America.
Good Move
Good Move - 12 dager siden
I feel proud because I live in saffron valley in Kashmir.
Lydia Mccorkindale
Lydia Mccorkindale - 12 dager siden
The way they grow all randomly scattered is interesting
Nishtha Sagar
Nishtha Sagar - 13 dager siden
Saffron is expensive but the 10g pack we bought I'm 2010 is still not finished
manisha rout
manisha rout - 13 dager siden
India produce everything great just a cute example is kashmir in india ..there's a place Gulmarg u guys should visit this place
Suwir Wong
Suwir Wong - 13 dager siden
I've tried the real thing ,meee its not impresive at all, whats the hype??? So stupid
Supreeth Kumar
Supreeth Kumar - 16 dager siden
I had saffron tea. My God, never did I had such a tea in my life although Iam not a fan of tea, this was an experience on different level. Just a single strand can gibe such a magical experience.
Gothus Touchstone Singularity
The fake ones works just as good...
khan khuni
khan khuni - 16 dager siden
Kashmiri saffron is the best , but we need peace not saffron ❤️🇵🇰❤️🇵🇰❤️🇵🇰❤️
India go back to your home .
RedHead Avenger
RedHead Avenger - 18 dager siden
Climate change happens 4 times a year. It's called seasons....
strykr360 - 20 dager siden
This channel had me until they started pushing this bullshit political narrative of climate change
coolsand - 20 dager siden
Just imagine a world where everything is fair and just.... the farmers grow and profit for their hard work and the consumers get the best quality food.
Anna May Labrador
Anna May Labrador - 22 dager siden
This so expensive series make it sound like all those things were much worse than it seems 😂
Puja Pun
Puja Pun - 22 dager siden
Let me crrt you
Kashmir is popular for two things one is obviously saffron and another for terrorist 🤣
Faisal Nasti
Faisal Nasti - 25 dager siden
Sajad Rafeeq is not just a "Saffron Farmer". The man is an award winning photographer and an engineer.
Ethan Donald '20
Ethan Donald '20 - 27 dager siden
Pretty sad how it’s declining
Mehraj Andrabi
Mehraj Andrabi - Måned siden
Video 0:19:400 meters away from my school in Pampore,Pulwama,Kashmir
Dingo Pelt
Dingo Pelt - 29 dager siden
I love kashmir valley. ❤❤❤
xX_ Moonflower_Xx
xX_ Moonflower_Xx - Måned siden
Honestly the only reason I would try to grow them would be because their pretty- it seems pretty risky to take part in the saffron market with all the fake ones
Sepide Hematian
Sepide Hematian - Måned siden
You should have gone to IRAN!! Iran is a country of saffron!!
Viktor Aggerholm
Viktor Aggerholm - Måned siden
Someone tell him, that it wasn’t Allah who fertilised the red soil 😂
Viktor Aggerholm
Viktor Aggerholm - 7 timer siden
@Die Repartee Could you elaborate?
Die Repartee
Die Repartee - 11 timer siden
@Viktor Aggerholm What if someone call "mother nature" as God
Viktor Aggerholm
Viktor Aggerholm - 12 timer siden
@Die Repartee no, mother nature did, there is no super naturals such as an "God", and religious people are stupid.
Die Repartee
Die Repartee - 20 timer siden
So , was it Christ or son of God or Spirit of God? 😂😂😂😂
Crazy Average Asian Bitch
Crazy Average Asian Bitch - Måned siden
“soil is strong bc of Allah” 🙄 duh , this is how dumb is every religious ppl, answer to everything is god, no it’s not
it’s simply lazy to think, lazy to find answer so they conclude everything with one answer “god”, so the soil if the gift from Allah then i can say all the islamic countries of north Africa is cursed by Allah for Sand of sahara desert
see the contradiction dumbass religious ppl
soil = god gift
sahara desert = god cursed Egypt Libya Algeria Sudan ?!!
lmao think bout that
Paris Ts
Paris Ts - Måned siden
My hometown produces probably the best quality Saffron (Krokos). It is produced in the homonymous village Krokos, in the region of Kozani, Greece. So if you see Krokos (Saffron) Kozanis, you know it's among the best!
KPOP TRASH entertainment
KPOP TRASH entertainment - Måned siden
Cheers to all the real farmers all over the world
dream boat
dream boat - Måned siden
If you ever get to drink Saffron tea, you can never go back to the normal one. The taste and aroma is just so unique and out of this world. There is no other thing like it. If you garnish it on your sweets, even a little bit, it will change its smell and taste. Its very delicious.
That Trucker
That Trucker - Måned siden
Prefer Himalayan salt
Spidey Whiplash
Spidey Whiplash - Måned siden
Weird, I was at store today & noticed a package of saffron on a upper shelf... then this video popped up in my recommendations.
Baguette&Tofu - Måned siden
And now you know that package of saffron might have been fake
GENZO on Net
GENZO on Net - Måned siden
The colors look beautiful, but never heard about this flower before.
Is it only me?
Nick Langtry
Nick Langtry - Måned siden
Because this pervert porn producer Ivan Wojnikow from Leipzig puts Laura Safran in a bag. https://youtu.be/onQdbql7Wqg
D T - Måned siden
What saffron are good for ?
M T - Måned siden
From Afghanistan
Water Fruit
Water Fruit - Måned siden
Climate change has such devastating impacts. If all of us could simply change our mindset the speed will be so much slower and we might even have the chance to save this planet!
Everyone has this negative mindset, even my own sister called me a 'Karen' for supporting this!
But I still feel like we could change, so heres some tips!
Reduce travel by car, you could walk, bike or even rollerskate to places!
REDUCE MEAT CONSUMPTION!! Now I'm not telling you to become vegan, but simply reduce meat or use alternative meat! There are now plant based meat which cost the SAME or even cheaper than meat while still tasting and having the same texture! Like a beyond burger. Some people have even said it tastes better than beef!
If you have the space, you could grow your own veggies! On a window shelf or a place of sunlight, you could grow your own herbs while SAVING money!!
Reduce plastic. This is a simple one, but honestly why does one need to buy bananas packaged in plastic?! Smh
Anyway, you could also reuse! Save all the cardboard bits you have and make somthing out of it, decorate it and make it a storage bin or even a darn shelf. There are plenty of opportunitues if you take the chance and do the research! I have cardboard boxes which i wrapped in spare fabric and I just store stuff under the bed.
If we all reduce things and possibly make it a trend the world could change! Just imagine breathing fresh air instead of stupid smoke, wouldn't that be nice? If we spread this people, even business will reduce packaging.
And to all you business owners. IF YOU HAVE TO USE PLASTIC. Please, and i mean it, research on alternatives and biodegradable plastic. Honestly you might even get more sales!
There are plenty of things you can do and these are just from the top of my head!
Stay safe and just be aware please!
a_Y - Måned siden
Why you are asking how a real saffron tastes like to a guy from UK?
Maricar Patubo
Maricar Patubo - Måned siden
This spice so good and yummy flavor
Cindy - Måned siden
It's sad to watch these short documentaries and realize that most of the issues of decline in production is due to climate change. Whether it's wine, saffron, avocadoes...:(