Why Spacesuits Are So Expensive | So Expensive

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NASA's current fleet of spacesuits was built in 1974, and each was reported to cost between $15 million and $22 million. Today, that would be about $150 million. Having not built any new mission-ready extravehicular suits since then, NASA is running out of spacesuits. In fact, NASA is down to just four flight-ready EVA suits. Since 2009, NASA has invested more than $200 million in spacesuit development, recently unveiling the xEMU prototype for its Artemis program, which plans to take humans back to the surface of the moon by 2024, with a view to eventually go to Mars. With that goal fast approaching - and the number of existing spacesuits dwindling - NASA engineers face a new kind of space race. Meanwhile, commercial space company Final Frontier Design is developing its own EVA spacesuits and plans to build new units at much lower costs than NASA. So, why has it taken so long for new spacesuits to be built? And what makes them so expensive?
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Why Spacesuits Are So Expensive | So Expensive
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Ahmed4th - 7 timer siden
I still didn't see an answer for the question! Is it expensive because of the entry price for development? If so, then since the research and design was done now they could build as many as they want. But no, they aren't doing that. So are the materials the suite is made of actually cost alot, like are they using some expensive and rare material to build it?
Kacper Bojda
Kacper Bojda - 14 timer siden
Ffs so much ads
Bifrostdecay - 17 timer siden
Its expensive cause we made some shit up and charge people for shit that comes from the earth and now it cost man to evolve
Closest Rhino507
Closest Rhino507 - 23 timer siden
spacex still better then NASA and spacex only been around since 2008
Ed one
Ed one - Dag siden
Billions and billions wasted for what?
hairyhairlines gaming
hairyhairlines gaming - Dag siden
1:02 rip broke glass
Moonwalker Hoax
Moonwalker Hoax - 2 dager siden
Nasa use diapers so it makes expensive
TheTheRanger1 - 3 dager siden
Space suits are so expensive due to government contracts 🤣
Jason McCarthy
Jason McCarthy - 3 dager siden
How were only 2 suits lost during the Columbia disaster if there were 7 people on board?
Farrukh Khalid
Farrukh Khalid - 4 dager siden
it is us who make any kind of product expensive
Cinnamon-Skateboarding - 4 dager siden
NASA: can we have an actual budget?
Government: you'll get a budget when you find oil.
Centauri A
Centauri A - 19 minutter siden
NASA: There's Oil on Titan...
Animation Space
Animation Space - 4 dager siden
Spacesuit Name in the 60's: EMU
Spacesuit Name currently: x EMU
WOW - 5 dager siden
they add blue and red color in white suit, just like Ultraman when they upgrades
Christopher M
Christopher M - 5 dager siden
Interesting how the ISS is flying at about 15,500 mph and yet that little jet pack kept up with it let alone flew back to it at 15,500 mph. Wouldnt the guy just get left behind the moment he moved far away from the ISS. I must be missing some understanding of how this works..
Marko Lukic
Marko Lukic - 3 dager siden
@Christopher M they use EVA packs for catching up with ISS, astronaut slowes down until he is at desired distance, he then accelaretes to same velocity as ISS. When he wants to go back, he again uses EVA pack to accelarate to greater velocity than ISS, when he comes to ISS, he again uses his EVA pack to get to same velocity as ISSs, so he basically stops at ISS, and can enter back to ISS
Christopher M
Christopher M - 4 dager siden
​@Marko Lukic I get what your saying just kinda does but does not make sense at the same time cause even at just a 1 mph difference the ISS is still moving forward at a precise speed and the astronaut is not.. Think of it this way say you ( the astronaut ) are on a track running going 5 mph and a person beside you ( the ISS ) is going 6 mph the person going 6 mph ( the ISS ) will always be ahead of you because no matter what you do you can only go a max speed of 5 mph and if you drop down to 4 mph they are still going that 6 mph which would really leave you behind at that point and then you would have to match the speed of 6 mph plus 1 to catch back up because of distance lost and to maintain speed but you can only go 5 mph. So how do you catch back up to something that is always going faster than you.. IT works only if the ISS is basically sitting still to the astronaut and the astronaut can go faster or slower than the ISS. Which is why they always stay tethered. So they do not get left behind..
Marko Lukic
Marko Lukic - 4 dager siden
@Christopher M oh, i was talking about astronaut outside accelarating, but i said they instead of him. I was using random numbers for that example, i don't think it can speed up and down, not sure tho
Christopher M
Christopher M - 4 dager siden
@Marko Lukic ooo makes sense I suppose but I always thought that the ISS was fixed going 15,500 mph and they could not slow it down or speed it up.. It just orbits the earth at that speed because they have to to stay in orbit. Now I am wonder how they speed it up or slow it down.. Dammit another thing I am going to have to look up lol jk. Just interesting stuff is all
Marko Lukic
Marko Lukic - 4 dager siden
@Christopher M that would be true, but they catch up to speed of ISS when they need to stop. So when they want to go, lets say, 100 meters away, they use their jetpack to slow down from 15,000 kmh, to 14993, it takes him few seconds to reach 100 meters, he would still go away, because there is nithing to stop him, so he uses his jetpack at 100 meters from ISS to make his speed 15000 kmh again.
Diesel - 5 dager siden
If anyone is confused with this video with all the space talk and stuff... I have come up with one word to sum it all up. Money. Lots and lots of money.👌
Jansen Penol
Jansen Penol - 6 dager siden
So what if all countries will donate to make new astronauts suit. Just what if😂
Marko Lukic
Marko Lukic - 4 dager siden
Well USA is making their suits for Artemis, so they have to pay.
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Kayck Nuss
Kayck Nuss - 7 dager siden
we have to agree that the old costumes are more beautiful!
RK Clan
RK Clan - 7 dager siden
dude this is the best flex better than 500 layers of gucci
an man
an man - 7 dager siden
5:33 wow how did they get exclusive footage of people on mars
Scribbled Riddles
Scribbled Riddles - 7 dager siden
Just buy all obsolete Nokia phones from recycling stations and make suits out of them. Cheap, durable and will last forever. Problem solved.
Yuan Ui
Yuan Ui - 3 dager siden
Will last a minimum time of 1 GOGOL year
Tiger Naj
Tiger Naj - 8 dager siden
Andrey Infinity
Andrey Infinity - 8 dager siden
You feel real astronaut if you wearing Apollo suit , and used for spacewalk ,,,,for me
Marc - 8 dager siden
From where Eva protection is heading into the future ; might aswell develop terminator armor irl
Chicago Mark
Chicago Mark - 9 dager siden
right off the bat this guy was wrong . The space shuttle era MMU ( space suite) was not built in '74 but more like '79 or '80. Good examp[ke of that would be the 1st group of astronauts all training for future shuttle flights all trained in apollo suites because the shuttle era MMU's were under development
Jhin - 9 dager siden
why would u rob a bank when u can just rob a nasa and get some of the nasa 250.000.000$ spacesuits
Marko Lukic
Marko Lukic - 4 dager siden
Good idea, who buys stolen eva suits tho?
Dieggz - 9 dager siden
Imagine if someone spent months making that suit and invested 200 mil in a suit and the girl trips and breaks it
Gold Stacking
Gold Stacking - 9 dager siden
Get the indians to produce them. Will be 30 times cheaper
Pang YT
Pang YT - 9 dager siden
Summarization space suits are expensive because humans lmaooo🤣
Talents Kunzekwenyika
Talents Kunzekwenyika - 9 dager siden
What do they need a space suit for ? They should stay at home
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez - 6 dager siden
For space
волшебный - 9 dager siden
I think its pretty clear why theyre expensive 😂😂
Kleshmir Cribb
Kleshmir Cribb - 9 dager siden
Because the people we put in space are worth it. Don't forget it.
Fun Madness
Fun Madness - 10 dager siden
Why are they even go to space in the first Place?
Livin It
Livin It - 10 dager siden
Yall actually believe this?...
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez - 6 dager siden
@Livin It Seems like there's a few things you can't grasp.
Livin It
Livin It - 6 dager siden
@Pablo Gonzalez im not the best speller
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez - 6 dager siden
@Livin It You can't even spell common sense
Livin It
Livin It - 6 dager siden
@Pablo Gonzalez idk man, i just have common sence
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez - 6 dager siden
Flat earther?
James Endsley
James Endsley - 10 dager siden
Yeah I'll bet they don't cost as much as she thinks it us she's a stupid jerk rat she's going to lie for making sure herb pork belly find is full and she has a million dollars to retire on
James Endsley
James Endsley - 10 dager siden
Because it's a government organization that's why it cost so much a contractor is building something like that for NASA is not going to put in there in your relations and it's just going to they do they're going to charge a lot more than what they should be if you look at Elon Musk Eva suits and all those SpaceX the 1/10 the price of NASA suits because anybody that deals with government bureaucrats are going to couch and price gals the US government and charge them 300 times true cost of what it's going to make they make five suits and charge them for the price of the 4000 suits because that suits that woman's wearing is not even one-tenth the cost of what NASA getting charged for it but since it's a government agency and it's not ran by business man that's ran by a politician that ain't giving a damn about money taxpayers to fit the bill they don't care about how much it cost costing it should cost $0.01 the amount that they're getting charged
Jessie Suain
Jessie Suain - 10 dager siden
Because they feel it's worth it fat bulky suit with minimal movement they need new designers that actually understand movement a space suit isn't rocket science and corporate giants shouldn't be the only ones allowed in space anyone with the best idea should be allowed
Carls Berg
Carls Berg - 10 dager siden
If they want to poo?
McMufiin - 11 dager siden
i would love the bits and pieces of videos that i can watch beteeen the advertisements
Zek Billion
Zek Billion - 11 dager siden