Why Teslas Accelerate So Fast

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Tesla's cars are some of the most impressive electric cars available today. Tesla not only broke the range barrier for EVs, it also improved the performance of an electric car considerably. Even though electric motors are inherently quick, the Model S Performance seamlessly blends software and engineering to deliver that power to the wheels more efficiently than any other production car.
To see a full test of Tesla's recent firmware update head over to DragTimes at: noburn.info/id/video/rabPm5uQmax8j2k.html
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Why Teslas Accelerate So Fast
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MotoMatt - 7 dager siden
It’s because they don’t need time to rev up. I just saved you from wasting 5 minutes.
radcow - 11 dager siden
When you realise that you've been conned into having gas (petrol) powered car all your life
*F××× you big Oil*
Thank you elon musk
Fattoo Fittoo
Fattoo Fittoo - 16 dager siden
is it tesla reliable and durable car ?
Florian Fischer
Florian Fischer - 23 dager siden
And 2 Minutes later the Tesla is running out of Power👎
#Adulting - 23 dager siden
Thread pattern....
Evan Komedy
Evan Komedy - 26 dager siden
But the real question is Why do rimacs accelerate faster?
Isabella Littlewhite
Isabella Littlewhite - 27 dager siden
I don't really care if it goes fast so fast
Jac Studios
Jac Studios - 29 dager siden
Whoever made this video doesn't know what a key is
Tomás Correia
Tomás Correia - 29 dager siden
The power of the motor doesn't depend on the battery
Amartya Biswas
Amartya Biswas - Måned siden
0:13 If the testa goes faster than the Bugatti, then how is the Bugatti the fastest car?
MOHi 7
MOHi 7 - Måned siden
He aint a car guy
David SND
David SND - Måned siden
The Chiron goes 0-60 în 1.9 idiots
iKingRPG - Måned siden
That's not what power density is lol, power density would he how much power is stored in an amount of space.
Bitch Deyvan
Bitch Deyvan - Måned siden
It just teslas other electric cars do that too
igloo! - Måned siden
why is the first thing that you talked about efficiency when we are supposed to be talking about performance?
FoxGaming76 YT
FoxGaming76 YT - Måned siden
Electric cars won’t be too popular yet. Batteries have many problems here and there. Maybe a hybrid would be a better setup.
GamingDylan - Måned siden
because they are electric

FrostyPlayzz -Roblox
FrostyPlayzz -Roblox - Måned siden
Waaaaaaah??? Why is a model s faster than a roadster a roadster has 288 horsepower and the model s have 700+horse powers
Raja Nasir
Raja Nasir - Måned siden
Instant torque is the answer I sacrificed myself and saved you 1000000000000000 minutes...
leppozdrav - Måned siden
'Cause they are f*cking electric. Damn.
i steal comments i steal likes
Did that Tesla made an engine sound at the beginning?
30 WeiZong Ng
30 WeiZong Ng - Måned siden
My gta car
All Star Alarm
All Star Alarm - Måned siden
I saw this vid title and did not watch the answer is obvious they acelérate fast cus thy electric -_- I may be young but I know my cars
Ulmatrax - Måned siden
Cause electrons are faster than burning gas?
Shrek - Måned siden
the fastest car is the 599xx evo according to forza horizon 4
Bobi Todorov
Bobi Todorov - Måned siden
In 2.3 seconds an f1 car can accelerate from 0kph to 200kph
jayaram raja
jayaram raja - Måned siden
max wolf
max wolf - Måned siden
1 gear
Backtwo JZ
Backtwo JZ - Måned siden
Bugatti chiron pur Sport 0-100 2.3 sec ~~~
Backtwo JZ
Backtwo JZ - Måned siden
@paz I,m just saying
paz - Måned siden
3.3 million dollars for .2 second faster lol
5 Alive
5 Alive - Måned siden
So why do rimacs accelerate faster than teslas
Toby and James Goldsmith
Toby and James Goldsmith - Måned siden
Next up the tesla roadster - the new fastest car in the world
Momento Mori
Momento Mori - Måned siden
Did he say buggati sheer ron
Niklas - Måned siden
Instat peak and no gear changing make it fast
Carl Marcus
Carl Marcus - Måned siden
Just wait for tesla roadster 2020 with SpaceX Thrusters
It will accelerate 0-60 in 1.1s
Top speed 402+ kmh
Radheshyam Rai
Radheshyam Rai - 2 måneder siden
Why Teslas accelerate so fast?

Coz they cost a lot of money.
Harrison Key
Harrison Key - Måned siden
Better than $3M
Dual on 60ツ
Dual on 60ツ - 2 måneder siden
Model s: i have the best acceleration
Roadster: **bet**
FoxGaming76 YT
FoxGaming76 YT - Måned siden
TopFuelDragster: **bet**
dawrek - 2 måneder siden
Why everything is in miles 😡😡 why they allways need to do something wrong 😂 inches miles foots maybe they will have new time like half of hour is something xD
Ahxmde - 2 måneder siden
simple answer:
it has motors and u dont need to rev it to 8900rpm
Plumdum - 2 måneder siden
"thread pattern"
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior - 3 måneder siden
Eletric cars have instant torque