Why The $8 Billion Stockpile Didn't Save Us From The Coronavirus Spread

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In 1999, President Clinton ordered the formation of the Strategic National Stockpile - a series of warehouses in secret locations filled with medical supplies and personal protective equipment to be used in case of a natural disaster or health emergency. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Stockpile has already distributed about 90% of its resources, according to federal officials. We asked the Department of Health and Human Services why the Stockpile didn't have enough resources to meet the demand for PPE required by healthcare professionals fighting COVID-19 on the front lines. According to a HHS spokesperson, the Stockpile wasn't designed for an event of this magnitude. However, thanks to billions in newly allocated funds from Congress and private contracts to replenish the Stockpile's warehouses, some much-needed help is on the way.
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Why The $8 Billion Stockpile Didn't Save Us From The Coronavirus Spread
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tyrone b
tyrone b - 4 måneder siden
Basically they was stocked incase of a small disaster and not a world wide disaster. they just didnt have enough to supply what demand was being called to fix. like calling for a semi and u can only get a minivan to carry all ur needs. so they are saying that we was not ready for this pandemic when it was to hit at anytime.
Isaac B
Isaac B - 4 måneder siden
Am I the only one that finds it extremely distracting and annoying when someone’s waving their arms around like a jackass just so deaf people know what’s going on?
Joshua79C C
Joshua79C C - 4 måneder siden
Simply put like this, the said stockpiles were based on PREDICTIONS, there is no way to account for everything as all in life has Numerous VARIABLES. The Biggest Variable here is WE are the VIRUS.

We as a Human Species just need to die like the dinosaurs..
Arvin Varde
Arvin Varde - 4 måneder siden
who the heck runs these warehouses? all these guys are wearing sneakers and no safety shoes???
Cornell Waters
Cornell Waters - 4 måneder siden
is sold to the highest bidder!
Chi Chen
Chi Chen - 4 måneder siden
Because supplies is not enough
Chi Chen
Chi Chen - 4 måneder siden
Pao Lee
Pao Lee - 4 måneder siden
Breaking news: the clown has no idea what the SNS is. He has no idea where the stock piles is.
C C - 4 måneder siden
if you don't rotate and don't distribute no stockpile will work.
Dee B.
Dee B. - 4 måneder siden
In secret locations in secret amounts... Is it a fantasy place? Or UPs has not yet stolen enough private parcels sent by Chinese people to their friends and family around the world
bwvids - 4 måneder siden
How many of those “new” ventilators will be “repairable” in a few years under Right to Repair laws??? Or do we just buy them new every couple years???
Ron Villejo
Ron Villejo - 4 måneder siden
Graham Flanagan: "The COVID-19 crisis is the biggest test the Strategic National Stockpile has faced so far. Has it already failed, or is it too early to tell?" Exactly!
Heyits Pantherita
Heyits Pantherita - 4 måneder siden
America needs to make more ventilators and PPE that way we are ready for anything. Another thing we should also look at is mental health.
HEARTLESS Wealthy MF - 4 måneder siden
So basically they didn't order enough
Davidoff Abramovich
Davidoff Abramovich - 4 måneder siden
Hello.... you
Idiots of the world USA 🇺🇲
GuardianLords - 4 måneder siden
$16K per ventilator
Chinese Virus
Chinese Virus - 4 måneder siden
Clintons failed AGAIN as always.
A. I.
A. I. - 4 måneder siden
Stockpile expired.
Maulana Ibnu Sabil
Maulana Ibnu Sabil - 4 måneder siden
Can you make "Why buying 1000 roll of tissues won't save us from coronavirus?"
Mog Ravenclaw
Mog Ravenclaw - 4 måneder siden
Lots of moving parts...The stockpile is an emergency supply, it's never going to be 100% because disasters happen every year, using up the supplies. Medical supplies aren't free and there are not enough being produced to keep up with the demand. What's worse is alot of supplies come from China so when China is hurting they will use the supplies first. We need to produce more medical supplies in America to help out with the demand. On top of this, if everyone needed a ventilator all at once there wouldn't be enough for everyone. A lot of what is happening is new situations never experienced before with this many people involved.
Pumba - 4 måneder siden
Everything is complicated with The U.S. when it’s saving lives.
Everything is Simple with The U.S. when it’s taking lives (war)
Midwest Trains
Midwest Trains - 4 måneder siden
Those warehouses are a waste of money
Joe Gotti
Joe Gotti - 4 måneder siden
our Country been in debt for over 20 years and China owns over half of it
Its common sense there is no stock pile at all
Project Contractors
Project Contractors - 4 måneder siden
*Like the National Gold Reserve, the National Stockpile is non existent!*
Mdamonette - 4 måneder siden
0:03 hopefully osha didnt see that going forks forward into an isle with no horn or stop. He was acting like he wasn't on YouTube lmao
Asheville Trainman
Asheville Trainman - 4 måneder siden
So does anyone else think its super crazy to think we just have these giant, undercover warehouses, probably with super high tech security, just around america?
FozWasHere - 4 måneder siden
Because Obama never restocked it.
Diecast GuyKid
Diecast GuyKid - 4 måneder siden
Is that really a hidden warehouse?
So the employees dont know what they're packaging and moving?
jutubaeh - 4 måneder siden
sorry the tp one ´burned döwn ^ ^
David - 4 måneder siden
Too bad we couldn't stockpile some leadership from previous administrations.
coolinspire funnybook
coolinspire funnybook - 4 måneder siden
even walmart i think find the solution of this problem hard because not like retailer stockist, national stockpile is an emergency goods.so really unuse for quite long time till one day it really needed and maybe needed all.the problem is since is long time not use stock,the stock could be expired.like when u stock drugs at home for emergency.too much is not good,too little not good too unless.the stock can be update.
strong122 - 4 måneder siden
A senior advisor AND a son-in-law
The Activist Guy
The Activist Guy - 4 måneder siden
The National Stockpile is for Area 51 not for this crisis of a pandemic.
T650i - 4 måneder siden
Developed country doesn't mean better, now i know as USA shows this as an example.
Miguel Peña
Miguel Peña - 4 måneder siden
The incompetency of politicians never ceases to amaze me.
American Nacho
American Nacho - 4 måneder siden
We didn't have a stockpile that's the problem smh idiots
Ken Gray
Ken Gray - 4 måneder siden
Would a good reporter go out of their way to mention Jarod was the PUSA's son - in - law? I don't think they would. Be a good reporter and seek help for the TDS that has started to show. Don't be a hack, just the facts.
Suchela Srivatsa
Suchela Srivatsa - 4 måneder siden
Just because of people buy a lot of stuff and don't use them
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren - 4 måneder siden
Clearly the system failed BIG TIME!!!
Nathan Pratt
Nathan Pratt - 4 måneder siden
I think 2020 is gonna be a kick in the but like 1941 was for America
After this they are, ir should step up their game