Why You Should Have An Emergency Fund

About half of Americans burned through their savings by April, just weeks into the coronavirus crisis.
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Why You Should Have An Emergency Fund
Runtime: 03:22


Elizabeth Jeffrey
Elizabeth Jeffrey - 11 dager siden
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his indeed a God sent. now i don't need to be working 9-5 ....
Jacobs Trouble
Jacobs Trouble - Måned siden
New Ford Bronco = temptation!
Noah Norel
Noah Norel - Måned siden
Master your Dad = Master your Money
satria amiluhur
satria amiluhur - Måned siden
I saved the most money when i was still single and didn't socialize at all
Nhật Anh Bùi
Nhật Anh Bùi - Måned siden
Subscription services: Yes
Gym memberships: Yes
Public transit passes: YOU MONSTER!
Pranab Poira
Pranab Poira - Måned siden
Hit like if you got the innuendo in the last scene.
Bharat Kumar
Bharat Kumar - Måned siden
But where should we keep this emergency fund ?
Josh Is On A Mission
Josh Is On A Mission - Måned siden
We have a "buy" mentality instead of a "Saving" mentality. We have to start teaching financial education and how to DO better.
Yaniq Li Chairo
Yaniq Li Chairo - Måned siden
This apportioned Dave Ramsey's teaching. Check out his YT channel and site.
A Penny Pincher's Guide
A Penny Pincher's Guide - 2 måneder siden
Everyone should develop an emergency fund to protect against exactly what is going on in this nation right now. If you'd like to know how large it should be and where you should put it, I have a video addressing this on my channel.
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro - 2 måneder siden
That guy is definately not an Expert tho 😂
G - 2 måneder siden
that picture and the wording.... i read the title as “why should you break the glass of emergency boxes” 🙃💀
LJ - 2 måneder siden
If y’all wanted to get the quick jist of Dave Ramsey this is the video for you
Yaniq Li Chairo
Yaniq Li Chairo - Måned siden
Shoulda been a link in the description for Ramsey's channel.
UbeRNooB24 - 2 måneder siden
Seems easier said than done for many people. The cost of housing, medicine, food, and education has sky rocketed in the last 30 years while salaries and the minimum wage has remained the same. These aspects make it very hard for everyday Americans to save, amongst other things.
Citizen 1
Citizen 1 - 2 måneder siden
Stop saying "it's just a dollar".. whenever you say that
The rich get it plus two more.
Citizen 1
Citizen 1 - 2 måneder siden
Cancel all subscriptions. Use folding money so you see what you're giving away. If it's not to rent, utilities or food. Its not a necessity.
Pizza, Nikes, tickets, gum, and Netflix are stupid things to put on a card. Cut those up. Anything DISNEY is definitely not worth it.
Think how you can entertain yourself and your family. Parks and rec have programs. Find a puzzle, or crayons and chalk. Visit the elderly because they have stories and recipes! Make a quilt of old clothes. Etc.
Seth O'Shields
Seth O'Shields - 2 måneder siden
The title alone is infuriating. Just stfu right now. You can peddle the capitalist fanfic once the economy is back to normal, not when no one has a job.
Citizen 1
Citizen 1 - 2 måneder siden
You had enough money and time to click.
wm8806 - 2 måneder siden
The chicken was inspirational. And I feel really exposed you figured out EXACTLY how I spent my Wuhan apocalypse money... 😆 😎 🐔
Joey Baseball
Joey Baseball - 2 måneder siden
Meanwhile Jeff Bezos made 9 billion dollars last month.
Citizen 1
Citizen 1 - 2 måneder siden
Because people have it to him
HelloItsMe - 2 måneder siden
You bums need an emergency fund while corporations get bailed out
Kushim - 2 måneder siden
did you know that if you donate a mere £1,000 to me - you win?
Kushim - 2 måneder siden
I don't think this really requires a video haha
Reece Caruso
Reece Caruso - 2 måneder siden
Great suggestions! This is such an important topic to be discussing. I really enjoyed the video!
Douglas Kalberg
Douglas Kalberg - 2 måneder siden
You know who doesn't need emergency funds? The super wealthy corporations, they will always get bailed out for not having prepared for a rainy day, no questions asked.
Queer Gremlin
Queer Gremlin - 2 måneder siden
Feeling like it’s a bit late for this video... 😂
Who spilled My beans
Who spilled My beans - 2 måneder siden
It’s hard to have an emergency fund when all your money goes to paying your bills..
kermit1 - 2 måneder siden
Move back home and stop buying a avocado toast
Hia Lin
Hia Lin - 2 måneder siden
bullshit when next time the fund bankrupt u would realize how stupid giving others money
Rock Star
Rock Star - 2 måneder siden
saving at 16 yoo
Silver Dime
Silver Dime - Måned siden
Saving since 10
Diego Rojas
Diego Rojas - 2 måneder siden
I cancelled espn + and dish and now i finally have $65 to save per month
Lockon Stratos
Lockon Stratos - 2 måneder siden
Good luck to everyone
Alberto Portugal
Alberto Portugal - 2 måneder siden
Emergency fund my a&$
Financial Shinanigan
Financial Shinanigan - 2 måneder siden
Only thing this video is missing is Suze Orman narrating it.
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan - 2 måneder siden
some people work paycheck to paycheck
PrincessMaggot - 2 måneder siden
No shit huh?
It almost like if we were paid a living wage we’d actually be able to take care of ourselves, our families and would be able to save up a little.
Crazy concept right?
One can dream though 🤷🏻‍♀️
Matthew M
Matthew M - 2 måneder siden
Fook that
Why you should have a rolex!
TheLuxurious - 2 måneder siden
Why You Should Have An Emergency Fund 🙋‍♀️ Sponsored by CoronaVirus
ZeroZ - 2 måneder siden
I save always something every month. Now I have 250.000, im 36.
ZeroZ - 17 dager siden
@Jcewazhere I can answer that. I saved money since I began working. Bought a house when I was 30 years old. Sold it 5 years later and pocketed alot of profit from that. So I did get alot of those savings from investments profit.
Mr Rebuild
Mr Rebuild - 17 dager siden
Jcewazhere he probably studied and got a good job
Jcewazhere - Måned siden
Assuming you started when you were 20 that's 192 months. Round up to 200 for easy math: $250,000/200 = $1,250 saved per month. Minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, multiply that by 40 hours a week and four weeks a month it's only $1,160 per month. So you were able to save more than a ton of people even make. How?
bruhe - Måned siden
Austin Stambaugh
Austin Stambaugh - 2 måneder siden
Most Americans can barely pay their bills what makes you think they can save an emergency fund? Americans aren't paid enough due to greedy corporations.
Silver Dime
Silver Dime - Måned siden
Due to the government and social ism because america is not captialism its social ism
RustyCobalt - 2 måneder siden
This is all clearly in the guise of middle class shit, most of us can't even afford rent and food
Scribbli Chheery
Scribbli Chheery - 2 måneder siden
Asking an American to save up an emergency fund is harder than convincing Trump it wasn't the democrats' fault